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    On July 25, 2017 PrepBiz LLC, announced the release of Hopper’s Hurricane Adventure, the first in a series of unique children’s books aimed at preparing youth ages 5-9 for natural and human-caused disasters. The Adventures of Hopper series books were designed to familiarize children with disaster risks, help vulnerable youth to better cope and make informed decisions during real-life situations.

  • What We Do

    Trauma Informed Learning


    Childhood Trauma-----A CRITICAL ISSUE

    Hopper's Adventure Books provide a child-friendly, non-threatening approach to teaching young people about disasters.

    Children represent a quarter of the U.S. population. Kids are strong and resilient in the face of disasters, often adapting to stresses that weaken most adults, and yet they are also incredibly vulnerable.


    Young children, in particular, are completely dependent upon many systems in their lives for their survival: their parents, their broader families and communities, the institutions and organizations that care for them, teach them, and shape their environment.


      Protecting Our Most Precious

      We spare no expense to make sure everything runs smoothly when it comes to our children. Often times we forget that children are not simply small adults. The effects of childhood trauma can last a lifetime if not addressed.


      The Hopper Adventure Series focuses on improving the outcomes for children when these systems are disrupted during a disaster.


      “With the growing number of hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes, and other natural catastrophes, and the ever-present threat of man-made acts of violence, children’s preparedness must be a priority for survival,” said author Kenneth Bibbins.


      Left Untreated, Trauma Can Have Long Lasting Consequences

      Untreated childhood trauma is a root cause of many of the most pressing problems that communities face-----problems for which parents, schools and policymakers are held accountable. These Include:

      • Crime
      • Risky behavior
      • Low academic attainment
      • Absenteeism
      • Dropouts
      • Behavioral problems
      • Poor health outcomes
      • Low life potential
      • PTSD
      • Depression
    • Adventures of Hopper Children's Series

      Here's our first group of adventure books and products!


      Book 1

      Hopper and his friends began hearing news reports about the upcoming hurricane. Hopper tries to make sense of the chatter, and prepare for the storm with his family.


      Book 2

      A recent FBI study reports active shooter incidents have tripled in recent years-- with 29% of these attacks occurring at schools. Procedures for school evacuations and lock-down measures are now commonplace in school districts since the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre.


      Book 3

      Hopper and his family experience a devastating house fire in their community. Hopper learns ways to prevent fires, what to do if a fire occurs, and how to escape and stay safe.


      Book 4

      A raging tornado rips through Hopper's community, uprooting trees, downing power lines, and destroying homes. Hopper and his family take steps to survive the tornado.


      Book 5

      Hopper's friend moves to a new state that has frequent earthquakes. Hopper learns all about earthquakes and how to help his friend stay safe when the ground rumbles.


      For Kids

      Hopper's PrepBiz champions can be in style and promote emergency preparedness in their schools, places of worship, and neighborhoods. Book bags, T-shirts, folders, and other products will help your kids think and live prepared.

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    • Hopper Hurricane Song

      Adventures of Hopper Kids Series

    • Hopper Fire Song

      Adventures of Hopper Kids Series

    • What We're Working On

      Take a look at future of educational innovations from PrepBiz!


      Interactive disaster learning for kids.

      We're on the cutting edge to educate children about disasters

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    • About the Author

      Creating Solutions - Protecting Kids

      Mr. Bibbins provides clients with a wide array of services including speeches, seminars and access to custom design disaster literacy materials and tools for better outcomes for you, your kids, your clients and your audiences.

      Use contact page for further information. Special discounts for schools and non-profits.

      Kenneth R. Bibbins

      Author, Entrepreneur, Trauma Expert

      A clinical physiologist and entrepreneur, Bibbins is CEO of PrepWorld, LLC, an educational technology company. He led the housing repatriation efforts, providing services for thousands of New Orleans residents returning after Hurricane Katrina.


      Born and raised in New Orleans, Bibbins experienced first-hand, the trauma of children in disasters. As a child, he lived through the devastation of hurricanes Camille and Betsy.


      While overseeing the recovery efforts of displaced adults and children post hurricane Katrina Bibbins worked with key stakeholders and educators in assisting citizens who wanted to return to New Orleans post hurricane as the city worked toward rebuilding he saw first-hand how children struggled to make sense of what happened as they worked toward acclimating to the new --"new!"


      Disasters are calamitous, traumatic and customarily outside the scope of normal human experiences and likely to involve psychological and physical injury. Children are uniquely affected by disasters because they are afflicted not only by the trauma of the event but also by their parents fears ad distress.


      Bibbins previously authored Tired of Diets? Hate Going to a Gym? Want to Lose Weight? Let's Talk! (2000), which explores ties between trauma, weight loss, and obesity. In 2014, he designed and created PrepBiz, a game-based trauma informed educational solution to improve children’s decision making in emergencies. "I’ve always loved words and telling stories, Bibbins said. I'm also obsessed with everything digital and tech, and believe it's the perfect way to reach today's children." The PrepBiz game-based learning products using artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing and chat bots are currently under development and testing, and Bibbins anticipates their release later this year.


      Disappointed by the lack of preparedness resources for children's and tools that uses personalized and machine learning, which is how kids learn nowadays, Bibbins began looking for ways to develop tools that kids would embrace that would teach them engagement knowledge for better outcomes and ameliorate trauma from disaster events. He started PrepWorld to develop solutions and tools for helping children cope with disaster trauma. Since starting PrepBiz, Bibbins has teamed with and consulted with some of the top experts in trauma, education, emergency management, and technology to develop products and tools aimed at preparing children for emergencies. Bibbins derived the characters and stories for the Adventures of Hopper series from his own childhood experiences growing up in New Orleans.

    • Testimonials

      What our clients and partners are saying.

      Phaedra Boinodiris

      Senior Strategy Lead Educational Technology – IBM

      "From his enthusiastic personality to his passion for all things tech, Ken was exactly the content expert we needed to jumpstart our new educational gaming platforms."

      Vince Davis, CEM

      President, Preparedness Matters Disaster Consulting and Chair IAEM Children's Caucus

      "Kenneth is one of the most talented creatives I've ever worked with. He is the rare combination of big picture thinker and skilled executional entrepreneur. "

      Dr. Cathleen Anthofer-Fialon

      CEO - Good Harbor Institute

      "Never afraid to take a risk or put in a few extra hours, Mr. Bibbins is committed to doing fresher, more compelling work to change outcomes for children in disasters.”

    • Partners

      We're keeping good company.

    • Trauma Informed Solutions

      Promoting Disaster Literacy and Resilience Through Integration of IBM Watson Technology


      Kenneth R. Bibbins

      Clinical Physiologist

      Disaster Subject-Matter-Expert

      Definition of Trauma Informed

      Trauma informed means that individuals in organizations are educated on the causes and effects of trauma and understand the potential to re-traumatize individuals by providing services and/or interactions in a manner that is not sensitive to their experiences and needs.

      Kids & Disaster Trauma

      Each year millions of children are impacted by disasters, disrupting their lives, families, schools and communities.

      Building Resilience

      • Children who make it have more resources in their minds, bodies, families and communities
      • The greatest threats to children happen when the adaptive systems that normally protect development are harmed or destroyed
      • Resilience is what enables children to emerge from challenging experiences with a positive sense of themselves and their futures

      Resilient Children

      Research has since established resilience as essential for human thriving, and an ability necessary for the development of healthy, adaptable young people

      Child Trauma-A Critical Issue

      Children are uniquely affected by disasters because they are afflicted not only by the trauma of the event, but also by their parents fears and distress.

      Consequences of Trauma

      • Fight, flight, freeze response
      • Hypervigilance, arousal, paranoia
      • Perceptual and information processing distortions
      • Pain tolerance
      • Emotional blunting


      • Memory processing and retrieval
      • Reality testing
      • Body and emotional awareness
      • Immune response

      Long-Term Brain Changes

      Occur when the brain has been subjected to trauma.

      PrepBiz Visually Impaired APP

      Visually impaired APP coupled with IBM Watson Conversation Bots.

      PrepBiz V.1

      Will be a cloud based audio only action game for mobile phones, tablets and computers, where ears replace eyes thanks to a very innovative technology: binaural sound.

      What Gives Children Comfort When They're Afraid?

      • 29% Stuffed Doll/Animal
      • 23% Favorite Toy/Game
      • 22% Blanket
      • 22% Favorite Book/Reading Material

      Meta Change

      A world where children are better equipped to cope with traumatic events.


      If not addressed childhood trauma damages a whole life….not just a childhood

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